Wowrestro – Tips

Make your marketplace
payment system smoother

Requirements: WordPress 5.3, PHP 5.7,
Woocommerce 6.0
Current Version: 1.0

WOWRestro order tips Extension allows the admin to collect the order tips from the customers. The Tips feature becomes visible on the checkout page once you enable it at order tips settings. It allows choosing the tip type to be a percentage of the order total or a fixed custom value to present customers.


  • Admin can able to enable/disable checkout from setting
  • You can keep or remove the tips label on the checkout page
  • You can add descriptions for tips
  • The tips value can be different for pickup and delivery
  • You can set the value of a predefined tip that you want to display in checkout.
  • Also can remove the tips label


  • Help you to collect tips from your customers easily
  • Earn some extra money, encouraging a greater focus on the overall dining experience


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