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3 Ways to Improve Your Mood When You Are Feeling Really Down

3 Ways to Improve Your Mood When You Are Feeling Really Down

You are not alone. Low moods are a sign of best online therapy for depression a deeper problem. Asking yourself ‘Are you okay?’ can lift your spirits. If you are worried that you may have a mental health problem, reach out for professional help. Here are some simple methods to boost your mood:

Decluttering reduces stress hormones

According to recent studies, decluttering can actually boost your mood when you are really down. Clutter sends the brain a message of disorganization, which can trigger feelings of depression, anger, and sadness. In a UCLA study, people with high density of household objects tended to have higher cortisol levels. So, by decluttering, you can expect to have a better mood and prevent anxiety in the future.

Getting outside improves mood

Spending time in nature has been found to have many benefits for our mental health, and it may be the answer to your problems. Researchers say that exposure to nature has a profound effect on our mental health, particularly for those who suffer from depression or anxiety. Even a short walk in nature can reduce the effects of rumination and improve our mood. We should all make an effort to get outside at least once a day, whether it’s just to enjoy the beautiful scenery or get some fresh air.

Messages of love and support lift spirits

When you’re feeling really down, a simple message from someone you love can lift your spirits. Just 5 minutes of talking with visit site your loved one can lift your mood and help you feel better. It can ease nervousness or even emotional tension. Plus, it’s a great way to build relationships. Here are a few examples of how you can lift your spirit with messages from others. You may find these helpful:

Recalling positive moments

One of the best ways to lift your mood when you are feeling depressed is to recall happy moments from your past. This method may seem simple, but it can actually be very effective. Recent studies have shown that recalling positive memories can be a powerful way to combat depression and stress. This strategy is particularly effective if you have a hard time remembering your happy moments. Luckily, it is easy to incorporate into your daily life.

Getting outside

Getting outside can read more do wonders for your mental health. Studies show that spending time in nature has a positive effect on the brain. Even just walking in nature can reduce rumination and improve mood. Another good reason to get outside when you are feeling down is that being around nature can lower stress and anxiety. And when you get outside, you can enjoy the fresh air and sounds of nature. Not only that, but being outside can help you feel better about yourself.


Smiling improves your mood when you are really down, and scientists have found out why. Researchers say that our facial expressions are largely driven by social cues. A study conducted by Dr. Harry Witchel showed that people who smiled more often answered questions with incorrect answers. The researchers attributed these results to evolutionary and behavioral ecology theories. This study found that smiling can improve your mood and is widespread.

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